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ID Sex Age Weight Color Type Breed Intake Jurisdiction Intake Date Hold

A1671022Photograph Available
M   1 Year 2.6 LBS   BLACK TAN   RODENT   GUINEA PIG   TUSTIN   2/19/2020    

A1671023Photograph Available
M   1 Year 1.4 LBS   TRICOLOR   RODENT   GUINEA PIG   TUSTIN   2/19/2020    

A1665044Photograph Available
N   2 Years 3.4 LBS   WHITE BLACK   RABBIT   HOTOT MIX   FULLERTON   1/9/2020    

A1670532Photograph Available
F   1 Year 4.8 LBS   WHITE GRAY   RABBIT   LOP-AMER FUZZY   ORANGE   2/16/2020   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1670742Photograph Available
M   3 Years   WHITE   FOWL   MUSCOVY   ORANGE   2/18/2020    

A1670743Photograph Available
F   3 Years   WHITE   FOWL   MUSCOVY   ORANGE   2/18/2020    

A1670486Photograph Available
M   2 Years 4.6 LBS   BROWN WHITE   RABBIT   RABBIT SH   ANAHEIM   2/16/2020    

A1670689Photograph Available
U   4 Years 20.1 LBS   BROWN   FOWL   TURKEY   FULLERTON   2/18/2020    
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The animals listed on this web page have been impounded by OC Animal Care and are currently located at the OC Animal Care Center. If you have lost your pet, please look through the entire list, including neighboring cities, to see if your pet is listed.

Every attempt has been made to list all dogs and cats impounded in a timely manner, however, there may be circumstances that prevent your pet from being listed. Searching through the web page should not be considered a substitute for personally coming to the Care Center and looking for your lost pet.

If you have located your pet on this web site, please call (714) 935-6848 and identify your pet by the Pet Identification Number. Then come to the Care Center during normal operating hours, with personal identification, to arrange redemption.

We at OC Animal Care love all breeds of dog.  We understand that visitors may search for a lost dog or forever pet based on appearance or a "looks like" breed.  Any description of dogs with respect to breed is solely based on visual appearance. The actual breed of any dog may be different than its “looks like” designation.  OC Animal Care makes neither a guarantee nor representation as to the true breed of the Dog nor any connection between the described breed and the Dog’s temperament.


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