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ID Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Jurisdiction Intake Date Hold

A1591444Photograph Available

A1629407Photograph Available
M   4 Months 21.4 LBS   BLACK   AM PIT BULL TER   SANTA ANA   5/15/2019    

A1629408Photograph Available
M   4 Months 29.0 LBS   BLACK   AM PIT BULL TER   SANTA ANA   5/15/2019    

A1625337Photograph Available
M   2 Years   TAN WHITE   AMER BULLDOG   HUNTINGTON BCH   4/29/2019    

A1629363Photograph Available
F   1 Year 6 Months 31.0 LBS   RED MERLE   AUST CATTLE DOG   ORANGE CO   5/15/2019    

A1629308Photograph Available

A1629032Photograph Available
N   2 Years 53.0 LBS   TAN WHITE   AUST SHEPHERD MIX   YORBA LINDA   5/13/2019    

A1628008Photograph Available
F   3 Years 53.0 LBS   TRICOLOR   AUST SHEPHERD MIX   SANTA ANA   5/6/2019    

A1629105Photograph Available
S   1 Year 17.0 LBS   BLACK BROWN   BEAGLE MIX   ANAHEIM   5/13/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1629931Photograph Available
M   2 Months 9.0 LBS   WHITE TAN   BEAGLE MIX   SANTA ANA   5/18/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

M   3 Years   BROWN WHITE   BORDER COLLIE   ANAHEIM   5/19/2019    

A1629381Photograph Available
M   1 Year 3 Months 61.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   BORDER COLLIE MIX   ORANGE   5/15/2019    

A1628080Photograph Available
M   5 Years 22.8 LBS   WHITE TAN   BORDER TERRIER MIX   ANAHEIM CO   5/6/2019    

A1550716Photograph Available
M   5 Years 15.0 LBS   BLONDE   BORDER TERRIER MIX   ORANGE   5/11/2019    

A1628177Photograph Available
N   1 Year 1 Months 46.0 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   BULL TERRIER   SANTA ANA   5/7/2019    

A1629780Photograph Available
M   2 Years 16.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   CAIRN TERRIER   SANTA ANA   5/17/2019    

A1630016Photograph Available
M   7 Years 4.3 LBS   CHOCOLATE TAN   CAIRN TERRIER   SANTA ANA   5/19/2019    

A1629801Photograph Available
F   1 Year 10.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   CAIRN TERRIER MIX   SANTA ANA   5/17/2019    

A1629692Photograph Available
N   6 Years 10.0 LBS   TAN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA LH MIX   HUNTINGTON BCH   5/16/2019    

A1629910Photograph Available
M   2 Years 16.0 LBS   BLONDE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   5/18/2019    

A1629356Photograph Available
M   4 Years 10.2 LBS   TAN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   ORANGE   5/15/2019    

A1629232Photograph Available
F   3 Years 12.0 LBS   CREAM   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM CO   5/14/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1628536Photograph Available
N   5 Years 13.4 LBS   CREAM TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   BREA   5/9/2019    

A1556238Photograph Available
N   4 Years 10.9 LBS   TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   3/31/2019    

A1624679Photograph Available
N   3 Years 19.2 LBS   TAN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   LAKE FOREST   5/10/2019    

A1630002Photograph Available
M   4 Years 11.6 LBS   BLACK WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   5/19/2019    

A1630014Photograph Available
M   4 Years 7.4 LBS   TAN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   5/19/2019    

A1458517Photograph Available

A1629259Photograph Available
F   5 Months 10.6 LBS   BLONDE   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   ANAHEIM   5/14/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1629423Photograph Available
F   12 Years 43.0 LBS   TAN   CHINESE SHARPEI   HUNTINGTON BCH   5/15/2019    

A1628622Photograph Available
F   7 Years 28.0 LBS   GOLD   COCKER SPAN MIX   HUNTINGTON BCH   5/10/2019    

A1626815Photograph Available
S   2 Years 55.3 LBS   FAWN BLACK   GERM SHEPHERD   HUNTINGTON BCH   5/7/2019    

A1055318Photograph Available
N   8 Years 95.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   FOUNTAIN VALLEY   5/7/2019    

A1502202Photograph Available
M   3 Years 94.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   FULLERTON   5/9/2019    

A1618556Photograph Available
N   8 Years 67.4 LBS   BLACK BROWN   GERM SHEPHERD   SANTA ANA   2/27/2019    

A1602036Photograph Available
N   5 Years 80.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   FULLERTON   4/4/2019    

A1629926Photograph Available

A1629802Photograph Available
S   2 Years 57.0 LBS   BLACK BROWN   GERM SHEPHERD SIBERIAN HUSKY   BREA   5/17/2019    

A1613274Photograph Available
N   3 Years 96.0 LBS   FAWN BLACK   GREAT DANE MIX   MISSION VIEJO   5/8/2019    

A1629382Photograph Available
M   4 Months 7.6 LBS   CREAM   HAVANESE MIX   OUT OF JURISDIC   5/15/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1620776Photograph Available
N   4 Years 37.0 LBS   WHITE   JINDO MIX   CYPRESS   3/19/2019    

A1097602Photograph Available
N   10 Year 92.0 LBS   BLACK   LABRADOR RETR   FULLERTON   5/15/2019    

A1628415Photograph Available
M   5 Years   CHOCOLATE   LABRADOR RETR   ROSSMOOR   5/9/2019    

A1627787Photograph Available
N   8 Years 63.2 LBS   WHITE BROWN   LABRADOR RETR POINTER   SANTA ANA   5/4/2019    

A1536047Photograph Available

A1629911Photograph Available
M   4 Years 15.5 LBS   BLACK WHITE   LHASA APSO MIX   SANTA ANA   5/18/2019    

A1629576Photograph Available
F   2 Years 7.7 LBS   WHITE   MALTESE MIX   ORANGE   5/16/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1628945Photograph Available
M   2 Years 85.0 LBS   FAWN BLACK   MASTIFF MIX   SANTA ANA   5/12/2019    

A1629213Photograph Available
M   1 Year 6 Months 7.4 LBS   CHOCOLATE TAN   MIN PINSCHER   ORANGE   5/14/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1629695Photograph Available
N   1 Year 6 Months   TAN   PARSON RUSS TER MIX   ORANGE   5/16/2019    

A1629719Photograph Available
F   3 Years 50.0 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   HUNTINGTON BCH   5/16/2019    

A1629929Photograph Available
S   3 Years 65.0 LBS   WHITE BLACK   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   5/18/2019    

A1629245Photograph Available
M   1 Year 71.2 LBS   BLUE TIGER WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   5/14/2019    

A1629409Photograph Available
M   2 Years 65.4 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   HUNTINGTON BCH   5/15/2019    

A1628823Photograph Available
M   5 Years 62.0 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   5/11/2019    

A1628356Photograph Available
S   1 Year 52.1 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   IRVINE   5/19/2019    

A1626907Photograph Available
N   6 Years 60.0 LBS   RED WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   4/28/2019    

A1625498Photograph Available
N   3 Years 65.5 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL   CYPRESS   4/19/2019    

A1397561Photograph Available
N   6 Years 60.0 LBS   BLUE   PIT BULL   SAN JUAN CAP   4/3/2019    

A1551984Photograph Available
F   4 Years 61.0 LBS   BROWN WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   4/16/2019    

A1616111Photograph Available
S   5 Years 57.5 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   YORBA LINDA   2/10/2019    

A1466111Photograph Available
N   3 Year 75.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   SANTA ANA   5/10/2019    

A1629689Photograph Available
M   10 Years 5.0 LBS   RED   POMERANIAN   TUSTIN   5/16/2019    

A1629690Photograph Available
F   5 Years 7.0 LBS   WHITE   POMERANIAN   TUSTIN   5/16/2019    

A1629691Photograph Available
F   3 Years 5.5 LBS   RED WHITE   POMERANIAN   TUSTIN   5/16/2019    

A1627982Photograph Available
M   1 Year 6 Months 15.0 LBS   TAN   POMERANIAN CHIHUAHUA LH   SANTA ANA   5/6/2019    

A0760763Photograph Available
N   15 Years 15.2 LBS   APRICOT   POODLE MIN MIX   ANAHEIM   5/13/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1629703Photograph Available
M   3 Years 10.6 LBS   BLACK WHITE   POODLE MIN MIX   YORBA LINDA   5/16/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1629954Photograph Available
N   8 Years 22.8 LBS   BLACK RED   POODLE MIN MIX   ANAHEIM   5/18/2019    

A1629214Photograph Available
M   10 Years 15.5 LBS   BLK/TAN WHITE   RAT TERRIER MIX   SANTA ANA   5/14/2019    

A1629702Photograph Available
F   7 Years 9.6 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SHIH TZU MIX   YORBA LINDA   5/16/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1629235Photograph Available
M   5 Years 65.5 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   5/14/2019    

A1511767Photograph Available
S   7 Year 64.5 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   5/15/2019    

A1627180Photograph Available
N   2 Years 45.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   LAKE FOREST   5/17/2019    

F   3 Years   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ANAHEIM   5/19/2019    

A1629485Photograph Available
S   1 Year 51.0 LBS   CHOCOLATE   STAFFORDSHIRE   ANAHEIM   5/15/2019    
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