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ID Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Jurisdiction Intake Date Hold

A1641659Photograph Available
F   10 Months 37.5 LBS   BLACK TAN   ALASKAN HUSKY   ANAHEIM   7/15/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1632844Photograph Available
S   1 Year 1 Month 31.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   AUST CATTLE DOG MIX   ORANGE   6/5/2019    

A1641425Photograph Available
N   10 Years 27.0 LBS   TAN WHITE   BEAGLE   ANAHEIM   7/13/2019    

A1641859Photograph Available
F   9 Months 28.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   BORDER COLLIE   BREA   7/17/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1640854Photograph Available
N   2 Years 69.0 LBS   RED WHITE   BOXER   HUNTINGTON BCH   7/9/2019    

A1589255Photograph Available
S   2 Years   BLACK BLACK   BOXER   CYPRESS   7/11/2019    

A1639959Photograph Available
N   4 Years 64.2 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   BULL TERRIER   SANTA ANA   7/8/2019    

A1641750Photograph Available
M   2 Years 77.8 LBS   BL BRINDLE WHITE   BULLMASTIFF   HUNTINGTON BCH   7/16/2019    

A1641664Photograph Available
F   5 Months 15.1 LBS   BLACK WHITE   CAIRN TERRIER   SANTA ANA   7/15/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1243876Photograph Available

A1641634Photograph Available
M   6 Years 22.4 LBS   WHITE TAN   CAIRN TERRIER POODLE MIN   PLACENTIA   7/15/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1578360Photograph Available
S   4 Years 24.4 LBS   BLACK WHITE   CAVALIER SPAN MIX   YORBA LINDA   6/28/2019    

A1641065Photograph Available
F   11 Years   BLACK BROWN   CHIHUAHUA LH   TUSTIN   7/10/2019    

A1641391Photograph Available
F   1 Year 6.2 LBS   BLONDE   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   7/13/2019    

A1641621Photograph Available
S   9 Years 6.7 LBS   BLONDE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   7/15/2019    

A1641552Photograph Available
F   2 Years 10.8 LBS   BROWN   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   7/14/2019    

A1641764Photograph Available
M   1 Year 8.1 LBS   RED BLACK   CHIHUAHUA SH   TUSTIN   7/16/2019    

A1641711Photograph Available
M   7 Years 5.6 LBS   BLACK TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   PLACENTIA   7/15/2019    

A1610325Photograph Available
M   3 Years 9.0 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   7/16/2019    

A1638361Photograph Available
S   2 Years 17.2 LBS   TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   YORBA LINDA   7/15/2019    

A1641921Photograph Available
M   4 Years 17.9 LBS   BLONDE WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   7/17/2019    

A1641848Photograph Available
M   3 Years 9.1 LBS   FAWN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH DACHSHUND   TUSTIN   7/16/2019    

F   6 Months   CREAM   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   YORBA LINDA   7/17/2019    

A1639557Photograph Available
N   1 Year 6 Months 64.0 LBS   BLACK BROWN   DOBERMAN PINSCH LABRADOR RETR   SANTA ANA   7/5/2019    

A1055318Photograph Available
N   9 Years 95.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   FOUNTAIN VALLEY   5/7/2019    

A1638322Photograph Available
M   1 Year 4 Months 68.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   HUNTINGTON BCH   6/30/2019    

A1641540Photograph Available
N   4 Years 82.6 LBS   SABLE   GERM SHEPHERD   ORANGE   7/14/2019    

A1641549Photograph Available
F   4 Years 66.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   SANTA ANA   7/14/2019    

A1641390Photograph Available
F   7 Years 61.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   ANAHEIM   7/13/2019    

A1637520Photograph Available
N   6 Years 57.5 LBS   RED BLACK   GERM SHEPHERD MIX   SANTA ANA   6/27/2019    

A1641369Photograph Available
N   2 Years 83.0 LBS   BLACK   GREAT DANE LABRADOR RETR   ANAHEIM   7/12/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1641551Photograph Available
M   3 Years 13.6 LBS   BL BRINDLE WHITE   HAVANESE MIX   SANTA ANA   7/14/2019    

A1054546Photograph Available
M   11 Years 41.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   HAVANESE MIX   TUSTIN   7/14/2019    

A1641396Photograph Available
S   5 Years 64.0 LBS   YELLOW   LABRADOR RETR   BREA   7/13/2019    

A1377576Photograph Available
N   4 Year 70.1 LBS   BLACK WHITE   LABRADOR RETR MIX   SANTA ANA   7/10/2019    

A1638033Photograph Available
F   3 Years 13.9 LBS   BLACK WHITE   MALTESE MIX   SANTA ANA   6/28/2019    

A1641580Photograph Available
F   1 Year 7.6 LBS   WHITE   MALTESE MIX   FULLERTON   7/14/2019    

A1641314Photograph Available
M   2 Years 13.3 LBS   BLACK BROWN   MIN PINSCHER MIX   FULLERTON   7/12/2019    

A1641497Photograph Available
M   1 Year   BLACK TAN   MIN PINSCHER MIX   BUENA PARK   7/14/2019    

A0960435Photograph Available
S   10 Year 10.6 LBS   WHITE   PARSON RUSS TER POODLE MIN   SAN JUAN CAP   7/13/2019    

A1222679Photograph Available
M   7 Year 97.0 LBS   BLUE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   6/1/2019    

A1630490Photograph Available
N   3 Years 68.0 LBS   BROWN WHITE   PIT BULL   HUNTINGTON BCH   5/22/2019    

A1603797Photograph Available
N   3 Years 78.0 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   BREA   6/3/2019    

A1379205Photograph Available
N   4 Years 70.0 LBS   BROWN   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   7/10/2019    

A1444471Photograph Available
M   7 Years 70.0 LBS   BROWN WHITE   PIT BULL   FULLERTON   7/1/2019    

A1514769Photograph Available
M   3 Year 77.0 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   LAKE FOREST   6/4/2019    

A1632375Photograph Available
M   3 Years 60.0 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   6/2/2019    

A1634809Photograph Available
N   2 Years 61.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   ORANGE   6/18/2019    

A1640848Photograph Available
M   2 Years   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   ORANGE   7/9/2019    

A1641426Photograph Available
S   5 Months 34.0 LBS   BROWN   PIT BULL   FOUNTAIN VALLEY   7/13/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1641280Photograph Available
S   2 Years 47.6 LBS   GRAY BR BRINDLE   PIT BULL   HUNTINGTON BCH   7/12/2019    

A1641668Photograph Available
N   6 Years 85.0 LBS   RED WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   7/15/2019    

A1641804Photograph Available
F   2 Years 71.0 LBS   WHITE RED TICK   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   7/16/2019    

A1641307Photograph Available
S   4 Years 79.1 LBS   BLACK   PIT BULL LABRADOR RETR   SANTA ANA   7/12/2019    

A1634900Photograph Available
M   3 Years 95.0 LBS   WHITE BR BRINDLE   PIT BULL MIX   SAN JUAN CAP   6/19/2019    

A1639027Photograph Available
N   3 Years 68.1 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   BREA   7/15/2019    

A1379204Photograph Available
N   4 Years 49.0 LBS   BROWN   PIT BULL MIX   ANAHEIM   7/10/2019    

A1639867Photograph Available
F   3 Years 5.1 LBS   RED   POMERANIAN   SAN JUAN CAP   7/8/2019    

A1640995Photograph Available
S   6 Years 14.3 LBS   TAN   POMERANIAN   SANTA ANA   7/10/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1640999Photograph Available
S   2 Years 11.0 LBS   RED   POMERANIAN   SANTA ANA   7/10/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1641782Photograph Available
F   10 Years 7.4 LBS   GRAY WHITE   POODLE MIN   CYPRESS   7/16/2019    

A1641790Photograph Available
M   8 Years 13.4 LBS   TAN WHITE   POODLE MIN   SANTA ANA   7/16/2019    

A1641931Photograph Available
M   5 Years 19.4 LBS   WHITE CREAM   POODLE MIN LHASA APSO   ORANGE   7/17/2019    

A0848636Photograph Available
N   12 Year 10.6 LBS   WHITE   POODLE MIN MIX   SAN JUAN CAP   7/13/2019    

A1641033Photograph Available
N   2 Years 13.2 LBS   WHITE   POODLE TOY   PLACENTIA   7/10/2019    

A1641817Photograph Available
M   3 Years 16.6 LBS   RED WHITE   PUG BEAGLE   HUNTINGTON BCH   7/16/2019    

A1641415Photograph Available
F   1 Year 11.0 LBS   FAWN BLACK   PUG MIX   ORANGE   7/13/2019    

A1641822Photograph Available
N   1 Year 5 Months 38.0 LBS   BROWN WHITE   PUG PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   7/16/2019    

A1641919Photograph Available
F   4 Years 15.6 LBS   BLACK WHITE   RAT TERRIER CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   7/17/2019    

A1641920Photograph Available
F   4 Years 13.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   RAT TERRIER CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   7/17/2019    

A1641294Photograph Available
N   2 Years 13.0 LBS   RED WHITE   RAT TERRIER MIX   TUSTIN   7/12/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1641746Photograph Available
F   8 Years 13.5 LBS   GRAY BLACK   SCHNAUZER MIN   PLACENTIA   7/16/2019    

A1641709Photograph Available
N   9 Years 24.8 LBS   GRAY   SCHNAUZER MIN MIX   HUNTINGTON BCH   7/15/2019    

A1600462Photograph Available
F   10 Years 16.0 LBS   CREAM APRICOT   SHIBA INU   HUNTINGTON BCH   7/15/2019    

A1637595Photograph Available
N   7 Years 16.8 LBS   GRAY WHITE   SHIH TZU   FULLERTON   7/14/2019    

A1641532Photograph Available
M   6 Years 11.6 LBS   WHITE TAN   SHIH TZU MIX   PLACENTIA   7/14/2019   This animal has a deposit hold  

A1630759Photograph Available
F   6 Years   BLK/WHT   SIBERIAN HUSKY   FULLERTON   5/23/2019    

A1132918Photograph Available
N   12 Years 75.9 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ORANGE   7/5/2019    

A1641998Photograph Available
M   1 Year 56.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   7/17/2019    

A1641617Photograph Available
S   8 Years 43.0 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   STAFFORDSHIRE   SANTA ANA   7/15/2019    

A1641550Photograph Available
F   3 Years 12.6 LBS   TAN WHITE   YORKSHIRE TERR MIX   SANTA ANA   7/14/2019    
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