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ID Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Jurisdiction Intake Date Hold

A1474043Photograph Available
N   6 Years 68.80 LBS   WHITE   ALASKAN HUSKY   YORBA LINDA   2/27/2021    

A1710065Photograph Available
N   4 Years 64.00 LBS   GRAY WHITE   AM PIT BULL TER   ANAHEIM   2/23/2021    

A1705910Photograph Available
M   2 Years 86.00 LBS   WHITE BLACK   AMERICAN STAFF   SANTA ANA   1/20/2021    

A1709776Photograph Available
F   2 Years 60.00 LBS   BLUE TICK   AUST CATTLE DOG   CYPRESS   2/20/2021    

A0990704Photograph Available
M   11 Years 84.00 LBS   BLUE MERLE   AUST SHEPHERD MIX   SANTA ANA CO   1/10/2021    

A1709619Photograph Available
F   2 Years 74.00 LBS   SABLE BLACK   BELG MALINOIS MIX   SANTA ANA   2/19/2021    

A1710077Photograph Available

A1307720Photograph Available
N   7 Years 80.00 LBS   WHITE BR BRINDLE   BOXER   HUNTINGTON BCH   11/28/2020    

A1647897Photograph Available
N   6 Years 67.70 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   BOXER PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   7/6/2020    

A1653757Photograph Available
N   7 Years 78.30 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   BULL TERRIER PIT BULL   BUENA PARK   3/1/2020    

A1710319Photograph Available
F   10 Years 4.50 LBS   WHITE   CAIRN TERRIER CHIHUAHUA LH   SANTA ANA   2/25/2021    

A1710148Photograph Available
F   7 Years 10.50 LBS   BLACK   CHIHUAHUA SH DACHSHUND   YORBA LINDA   2/24/2021    

A1710260Photograph Available
N   2 Years 30.00 LBS   WHITE TAN   DACHSHUND BEAGLE   YORBA LINDA   2/25/2021    

A1710042Photograph Available
M   7 Years 13.40 LBS   BLONDE TAN   DACHSHUND CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   2/23/2021    

A1708326Photograph Available
M   8 Months 60.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   ENG BULLDOG   TUSTIN   2/10/2021   No Appointments Available for this Pet  

A1710176Photograph Available
F   9 Weeks 10.10 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   TUSTIN   2/24/2021   No Appointments Available for this Pet  

A1709748Photograph Available
F   2 Years 57.00 LBS   BLACK WHITE   GERM SHEPHERD   SANTA ANA   2/20/2021    

A1710401Photograph Available
F   2 Years 66.00 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   ANAHEIM   2/26/2021    

A1707694Photograph Available
M   1 Year 82.00 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD MIX   ORANGE   2/3/2021    

A1707138Photograph Available
M   2 Years 40.00 LBS   SABLE TAN   GERM SHEPHERD MIX   FULLERTON   1/30/2021    

A1704148Photograph Available
M   3 Years 84.50 LBS   TAN   GERM SHEPHERD MIX   FULLERTON   1/2/2021    

A1703906Photograph Available
M   2 Years 80.00 LBS   BLACK GRAY   GERM SHEPHERD SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   12/28/2020    

A1400127Photograph Available
N   6 Years 51.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   GREYHOUND MIX   TUSTIN   1/7/2021    

A1705614Photograph Available
S   5 Years 61.00 LBS   WHITE BLACK   LABRADOR RETR DALMATIAN   SANTA ANA   1/16/2021   No Appointments Available for this Pet  

F   8 Years   YELLOW   LABRADOR RETR MIX   SILVERADO   2/13/2021    

A1703689Photograph Available
M   1 Year 2 Month 68.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE   LABRADOR RETR MIX   ANAHEIM   12/23/2020    

A1702737Photograph Available
F   1 Year 8 Months 65.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   LABRADOR RETR POINTER   IRVINE   1/13/2021    

A1709628Photograph Available
S   5 Years 8.20 LBS   WHITE   MALTESE POODLE MIN   ANAHEIM   2/19/2021   No Appointments Available for this Pet  

A1710244Photograph Available
N   3 Years 12.40 LBS   WHITE   MALTESE POODLE MIN   ANAHEIM   2/25/2021   No Appointments Available for this Pet  

A1706403Photograph Available
M   4 Years   BR BRINDLE   MASTIFF   ORANGE   1/24/2021    

A1710397Photograph Available
M   2 Years 13.50 LBS   BLACK BROWN   MIN PINSCHER   FOUNTAIN VALLEY   2/26/2021    

A1710048Photograph Available
S   2 Years 17.00 LBS   BLACK TAN   MIN PINSCHER DACHSHUND   YORBA LINDA   2/25/2021    

A1710302Photograph Available
F   2 Years 19.00 LBS   TRICOLOR   PARSON RUSS TER   FULLERTON   2/25/2021    

A1706535Photograph Available
M   3 Years 71.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   PLACENTIA   1/25/2021    

A1707520Photograph Available
M   2 Years 72.00 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   FOUNTAIN VALLEY   2/1/2021    

A1707685Photograph Available
M   1 Year 6 Months 55.00 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   YORBA LINDA   2/3/2021    

A1705973Photograph Available
N   2 Years 73.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   1/20/2021    

A1709676Photograph Available
M   5 Years 64.00 LBS   RED WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   2/19/2021    

A1708668Photograph Available
M   8 Years 74.00 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   2/10/2021    

A1708997Photograph Available
N   3 Years 55.00 LBS   GRAY   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   2/27/2021    

A1693360Photograph Available
M   4 Years 68.40 LBS   FAWN WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   9/6/2020    

A1694242Photograph Available
F   3 Years 60.00 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   9/14/2020    

A1629620Photograph Available
N   2 Years 87.00 LBS   WHITE BR BRINDLE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   1/31/2021    

A1645816Photograph Available
N   7 Years 83.00 LBS   WHITE BLACK   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   8/9/2019    

A1708483Photograph Available
M   2 Years 66.00 LBS   TRICOLOR   PIT BULL AUST KELPIE   ORANGE   2/8/2021    

A1709469Photograph Available
S   3 Years 83.00 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL LABRADOR RETR   ANAHEIM   2/17/2021    

A1704578Photograph Available
M   1 Year 1 Month   TAN   PIT BULL LABRADOR RETR   ANAHEIM   1/6/2021    

A1709750Photograph Available
M   2 Years 45.00 LBS   SABLE WHITE   PIT BULL LABRADOR RETR   SANTA ANA   2/20/2021    

A1374497Photograph Available
S   9 Years 64.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   ANAHEIM   2/19/2021    

A1695429Photograph Available
M   2 Years 70.00 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   ANAHEIM   9/26/2020    

A1698573Photograph Available
M   8 Years 75.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   SANTA ANA   10/25/2020    

A1706340Photograph Available
N   4 Years 63.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   OUT OF JURISDIC   1/23/2021    

A1710408Photograph Available
F   4 Years 11.30 LBS   APRICOT   POODLE MIN   ANAHEIM   2/26/2021   No Appointments Available for this Pet  

A1710245Photograph Available
N   3 Years 10.00 LBS   BLACK WHITE   POODLE MIN MIX   ANAHEIM   2/25/2021   No Appointments Available for this Pet  

A1705980Photograph Available
S   3 Years 97.00 LBS   BLACK TAN   ROTTWEILER   YORBA LINDA   1/20/2021    

A1709986Photograph Available
M   3 Years 41.00 LBS   BLACK BROWN   ROTTWEILER CHOW CHOW   SANTA ANA   2/22/2021    

A1710367Photograph Available
F   1 Year 53.00 LBS   BROWN WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ANAHEIM   2/27/2021    

A1710456Photograph Available
N   7 Years 80.00 LBS   RED WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ANAHEIM   2/27/2021    

A1702264Photograph Available
M   2 Years 52.60 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   FULLERTON   12/7/2020    

A1705459Photograph Available
F   3 Years 44.00 LBS   WHITE RED   SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   2/19/2021    

A1705591Photograph Available
F   1 Year 1 Month 45.00 LBS   RED WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   1/16/2021    
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