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ID Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Jurisdiction Intake Date

A1502042Photograph Available
F   2 Years   55.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   AM PIT BULL TER   PLACENTIA   1/16/2017  

A1502074Photograph Available
M   8 Months   56.0 LBS   FAWN WHITE   AM PIT BULL TER MIX   ANAHEIM   1/16/2017  

A1501026Photograph Available
M   1 Year   18.3 LBS   BLACK WHITE   AUST CATTLE DOG MIX   SANTA ANA   1/8/2017  

A1143040Photograph Available
N   11 Years   45.0 LBS   TRICOLOR   BEAGLE   ANAHEIM   1/17/2017  

A1500798Photograph Available
F   8 Years   68.0 LBS   RED   BRIARD MIX   ANAHEIM   1/7/2017  

A1501156Photograph Available
F   1 Year   9.0 LBS   WHITE TAN   CAIRN TERRIER   SANTA ANA   1/9/2017  

A1501281Photograph Available
M   1 Year   9.7 LBS   WHITE BROWN   CAIRN TERRIER   ANAHEIM   1/10/2017  

A1502051Photograph Available
N   5 Years   14.9 LBS   TAN WHITE   CAIRN TERRIER   CYPRESS   1/16/2017  

A1502146Photograph Available
F   6 Years   7.5 LBS   TAN WHITE   CAIRN TERRIER   SANTA ANA   1/17/2017  

A1502105Photograph Available
F   1 Year 6 Months   9.4 LBS   WHITE TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   ORANGE   1/17/2017  

A1501832Photograph Available
M   8 Years   8.4 LBS   BROWN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   FOUNTAIN VALLEY   1/13/2017  

A1501502Photograph Available
M   5 Years   6.6 LBS   WHITE TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   1/11/2017  

A1501505Photograph Available
S   8 Months   7.0 LBS   SABLE WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   1/11/2017  

A1501509Photograph Available
S   8 Months   7.8 LBS   RED BLACK   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   1/11/2017  

A1501670Photograph Available
M   3 Years   6.3 LBS   BLACK TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   1/12/2017  

A1501729Photograph Available
F   9 Years   4.0 LBS   BROWN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   1/13/2017  

A1501825Photograph Available
F   2 Years   13.1 LBS   BROWN   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1501826Photograph Available
M   2 Years   12.1 LBS   BROWN   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1501827Photograph Available
M   2 Years   12.7 LBS   RED   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1501828Photograph Available
M   2 Years   13.2 LBS   BROWN   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1501829Photograph Available
M   2 Years   11.5 LBS   RED   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1498690Photograph Available
F   4 Months   7.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   SANTA ANA   12/19/2016  

A1497557Photograph Available
S   3 Years   12.3 LBS   BROWN TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   OUT OF JURISDIC   1/10/2017  

A1500223Photograph Available

A1498371Photograph Available
M   3 Years   8.2 LBS   BLACK TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH DACHSHUND   ANAHEIM   12/16/2016  

A1498385Photograph Available
M   3 Years   8.0 LBS   TRICOLOR   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   ORANGE CO   12/17/2016  

A1500676Photograph Available
M   3 Years   16.8 LBS   BLACK TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   ANAHEIM   1/5/2017  

A1499369Photograph Available
S   3 Years   8.6 LBS   WHITE BLACK   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   SANTA ANA   12/23/2016  

A1501948Photograph Available
F   6 Months   24.0 LBS   RED   CHOW CHOW MIX   ANAHEIM   1/15/2017  

A1501240Photograph Available
N   7 Years   36.4 LBS   BROWN WHITE   COCKER SPAN   SANTA ANA   1/10/2017  

A1501155Photograph Available
N   2 Years   16.0 LBS   WHITE BROWN   COCKER SPAN   SANTA ANA   1/9/2017  

A1500656Photograph Available
M   2 Months   5.1 LBS   BLACK TAN   DACHSHUND MIX   IRVINE   1/5/2017  

A1501241Photograph Available
S   2 Months   15.5 LBS   BLACK BROWN   DOBERMAN PINSCH   CYPRESS   1/10/2017  

A1501242Photograph Available
M   2 Months   18.5 LBS   BLACK BROWN   DOBERMAN PINSCH   CYPRESS   1/10/2017  

A1501243Photograph Available
M   2 Months   12.3 LBS   BLACK BROWN   DOBERMAN PINSCH   CYPRESS   1/10/2017  

A1502055Photograph Available
F   8 Years   48.4 LBS   GRAY BROWN   DOBERMAN PINSCH   ANAHEIM   1/16/2017  

A1501744Photograph Available
N   3 Years   83.5 LBS   BROWN TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1500989Photograph Available
S   4 Years   52.3 LBS   BLACK TAN   GERM SHEPHERD   OUT OF JURISDIC   1/17/2017  

A1499649Photograph Available
N   2 Years   70.0 LBS   BLACK   GERM SHEPHERD   FOUNTAIN VALLEY   12/27/2016  

A1502120Photograph Available
M   1 Year   59.0 LBS   TAN WHITE   GERM SHEPHERD MIX   ANAHEIM   1/17/2017  

A1501810Photograph Available
F   2 Year   7.3 LBS   BLACK WHITE   HAVANESE MIX   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1500456Photograph Available
M   11 Months   72.0 LBS   BLACK   LABRADOR RETR   FULLERTON   1/3/2017  

A1500829Photograph Available
F   2 Years   32.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   LABRADOR RETR   ORANGE   1/7/2017  

A1501812Photograph Available
M   3 Months   10.2 LBS   BRN/WHT   LABRADOR RETR MIX   SANTA ANA   1/13/2017  

A1502024Photograph Available
M   1 Year 1 Month   14.0 LBS   WHITE BLACK   LHASA APSO MIX   ORANGE   1/15/2017  

A1117202Photograph Available
N   6 Year   20.0 LBS   WHITE BUFF   LHASA APSO MIX   ANAHEIM   1/4/2017  

A1502018Photograph Available
F   7 Years   6.6 LBS   WHITE   MALTESE   ANAHEIM   1/15/2017  

A1501974Photograph Available
M   3 Months   4.2 LBS   BROWN WHITE   PARSON RUSS TER   SANTA ANA   1/15/2017  

A1501212Photograph Available
M   10 Years   10.5 LBS   TAN WHITE   PARSON RUSS TER MIX   ANAHEIM   1/10/2017  

A1502047Photograph Available
F   2 Years     RED WHITE   PEKINGESE MIX   SANTA ANA   1/16/2017  

A1501796Photograph Available
M   6 Months   5.9 LBS   WHITE BROWN   PEKINGESE MIX   SANTA ANA   1/13/2017  

A1502050Photograph Available
F   2 Years   45.0 LBS   BROWN WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   1/16/2017  

A1501982Photograph Available
M   7 Years   74.0 LBS   BR BRINDLE   PIT BULL   PLACENTIA   1/15/2017  

A1502027Photograph Available
N   2 Years   71.0 LBS   GRAY WHITE   PIT BULL   ORANGE   1/15/2017  

A1501866Photograph Available
M   1 Year   65.0 LBS   FAWN WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   1/14/2017  

A1501193Photograph Available
M   1 Year   58.0 LBS   GRAY WHITE   PIT BULL   ORANGE   1/9/2017  

A1501326Photograph Available
M   12 Years   62.5 LBS   FAWN WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   1/11/2017  

A1499913Photograph Available
M   3 Years   81.8 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   ORANGE   1/14/2017  

A1500214Photograph Available
F   1 Year 6 Months   51.8 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA   1/2/2017  

A1492048Photograph Available
N   4 Years   75.0 LBS   RED WHITE   PIT BULL   FULLERTON   1/17/2017  

A1496525Photograph Available
F   2 Years   50.0 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   FULLERTON   12/30/2016  

F   3 Years     BLUE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM   1/17/2017  

A1501878Photograph Available
M   1 Year 6 Months   82.4 LBS   WHITE BLACK   PIT BULL GREAT DANE   ANAHEIM   1/14/2017  

A1501661Photograph Available
S   8 Months   25.8 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   ORANGE   1/12/2017  

A1501662Photograph Available
M   3 Years   72.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   ORANGE   1/12/2017  

N   7 Years     BLUE   PIT BULL MIX   ANAHEIM   1/17/2017  

M   7 Months     BROWN   PIT BULL MIX   ANAHEIM   1/17/2017  

A1500651Photograph Available
F   3 Years   4.5 LBS   WHITE TAN   POMERANIAN   FULLERTON   1/5/2017  

A1497555Photograph Available
M   3 Years   15.8 LBS   BROWN   POMERANIAN MIX   SANTA ANA   12/13/2016  

A1501799Photograph Available
M   1 Year   9.2 LBS   GOLD WHITE   POMERANIAN MIX   SANTA ANA   1/13/2017  

A1501465Photograph Available
S   3 Years   8.0 LBS   WHITE   POODLE MIN   SANTA ANA   1/11/2017  

A1501478Photograph Available
M   7 Years   11.0 LBS   WHITE   POODLE MIN   ANAHEIM   1/11/2017  

N   9 Years   22.8 LBS   BROWN   POODLE MIN   HUNTINGTON BCH   1/17/2017  

A1501260Photograph Available
M   2 Years   19.0 LBS   TAN WHITE   POODLE MIN CAIRN TERRIER   SANTA ANA   1/10/2017  

F   3 Years     TAN WHITE   POODLE MIN MIX   ANAHEIM   1/17/2017  

A1501883Photograph Available
M   3 Years   25.4 LBS   FAWN BLACK   PUG   ANAHEIM   1/14/2017  

A1501875Photograph Available
F   1 Year   13.0 LBS   FAWN BLACK   PUG   LAKE FOREST   1/14/2017  

A1501894Photograph Available
M   2 Years   12.4 LBS   TAN WHITE   SHIH TZU   FULLERTON   1/14/2017  

A1501943Photograph Available
N   4 Years   10.5 LBS   WHITE BROWN   SHIH TZU   FULLERTON   1/15/2017  

A1501619Photograph Available
M   9 Months   8.7 LBS   WHITE BROWN   SHIH TZU   ORANGE   1/12/2017  

A1500783Photograph Available
M   4 Years   13.0 LBS   BLACK   SHIH TZU   ANAHEIM   1/6/2017  

F   2 Years     BLACK WHITE   SHIH TZU   CYPRESS   1/17/2017  

F   6 Years     TAN WHITE   SHIH TZU   CYPRESS   1/17/2017  

A1500882Photograph Available
M   1 Year   14.2 LBS   RED WHITE   SHIH TZU CAIRN TERRIER   SANTA ANA   1/7/2017  

A1501673Photograph Available
F   1 Year   9.8 LBS   TAN WHITE   SHIH TZU MIX   SANTA ANA   1/12/2017  

A1502028Photograph Available
U   3 Years   14.6 LBS   WHITE   SHIH TZU MIX   ORANGE   1/15/2017  

A1501831Photograph Available
F   4 Years   48.0 LBS   WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ANAHEIM   1/13/2017  

A1502126Photograph Available
F   2 Years   46.0 LBS   WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   1/17/2017  

A1502127Photograph Available
F   2 Years   44.0 LBS   BLACK TAN   SIBERIAN HUSKY   SANTA ANA   1/17/2017  

A1501879Photograph Available
F   4 Years   5.6 LBS   TAN WHITE   YORKSHIRE TERR MIX   ORANGE   1/14/2017  
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