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ID Name Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Date
A1408630Photograph Available MJ   S   6 Years   66.0 LBS   RED WHITE   LABRADOR RETR PIT BULL   3/29/2017  
A1420926Photograph Available DEISI   S   4 Years   14.0 LBS   RED WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/7/2017  
A1482745Photograph Available ZELDA   S   4 Years   76.5 LBS   GRAY WHITE   PIT BULL   4/18/2017  
A1494811Photograph Available BAILEY   S   8 Months   60.0 LBS   BLK/TAN WHITE   GERM SHEPHERD MIX   4/22/2017  
A1501421Photograph Available GOLDIE   S   4 Years   52.0 LBS   FAWN WHITE   PIT BULL   2/12/2017  
A1510279Photograph Available SPRINGZ   S   2 Months   6.0 LBS   BLACK   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/23/2017  
A1510329Photograph Available TIP   S   3 Years   6.2 LBS   TAN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/20/2017  
A1513700Photograph Available BROOK LYNN   S   7 Years   12.2 LBS   RED WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/2/2017  
A1514529Photograph Available COLBY   S   8 Years   8.9 LBS   WHITE RED   PARSON RUSS TER MIX   4/8/2017  
A1514829Photograph Available MISS FOX   S   3 Years   8.9 LBS   BROWN   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/11/2017  
A1514853Photograph Available SAGE   S   3 Years   54.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   4/11/2017  
A1515089Photograph Available BELLE   S   5 Years   36.4 LBS   TRICOLOR   BEAGLE   4/13/2017  
A1515248Photograph Available BO   S   3 Years   9.4 LBS   TAN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/14/2017  
A1512912Photograph Available TALIA   S   5 Years   50.1 LBS   BR BRINDLE   STAFFORDSHIRE STAFFORDSHIRE   4/22/2017  
A1515383Photograph Available SKIPPER   S   3 Years   8.0 LBS   BLONDE WHITE   FOX TERR WIRE MIX   4/15/2017  
A1515706Photograph Available ADRIANO   N   7 Years   8.6 LBS   WHITE TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/18/2017  
A1513580Photograph Available DYLAN   N   2 Years   64.0 LBS   YELLOW   LABRADOR RETR   4/22/2017  
A1515349Photograph Available NATE   N   6 Years   6.6 LBS   TAN BROWN   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/15/2017  
A1513702Photograph Available JEB   N   5 Years   56.3 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL   4/2/2017  
A1514030Photograph Available WOODY   N   2 Years   8.5 LBS   CREAM   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   4/20/2017  
A1514273Photograph Available BENTLEY   N   5 Years   12.0 LBS   RED CREAM   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/6/2017  
A1511821Photograph Available JACKSON   N   6 Years   78.0 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   3/22/2017  
A1510280Photograph Available WIDGET   N   2 Months   4.1 LBS   WHITE BROWN   CHIHUAHUA SH   4/23/2017  
A1504219Photograph Available BORIS   N   7 Years   65.4 LBS   BLK/TAN WHITE   ROTTWEILER MIX   4/11/2017  
A0774067Photograph Available CHOPPER   N   11 Years   62.0 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   4/9/2017  
A0863834Photograph Available PICO   N   9 Year   11.4 LBS   GRAY WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   4/11/2017  
A1285287Photograph Available ROCKY   N   4 Year   87.0 LBS   GRAY   PIT BULL MIX   3/28/2017  
A1389236Photograph Available CLYDE   N   9 Years   46.0 LBS   BROWN WHITE   BASSET HOUND   4/22/2017  
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California law requires that all adopted dogs and cats be spayed or neutered before leaving our Animal Care Center. The animals featured on our web page are available for adoption on first come first served basis, with the exception of rare or unique animals, which may be subject to a drawing for the opportunity to adopt. We do not guarantee that animals seen on our web page will be available to adopt when you arrive at the Care Center. OC Animal Care does not reserve animals for adoption by telephone or e-mail. You must come to the Center to adopt an animal and refer to the animal's Pet Identification number when inquiring about a particular pet.


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