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ID Name Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Jurisdiction Intake Date Hold
A1690260Photograph Available JULIETTE   F   2 Years   7.30 LBS   FAWN WHITE   CHIHUAHUA SH MIX   ANAHEIM 8/6/2020    
A1690235Photograph Available EMMY   F   7 Years   71.00 LBS   FAWN WHITE   BOXER   ANAHEIM 8/6/2020    
A1690216Photograph Available MOTO MOTO   M   5 Years   63.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   STAFFORDSHIRE   ANAHEIM 8/6/2020    
A1690172Photograph Available MINDY   F   12 Years   12.50 LBS   TAN   CAIRN TERRIER MIX   ORANGE 8/5/2020    
A1690095Photograph Available BETSY   F   1 Year   10.00 LBS   WHITE   WEST HIGHLAND MIX   ANAHEIM 8/4/2020    
A1690007Photograph Available SCOTTY   M   4 Years   72.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   MIDWAY CITY 8/4/2020    
A1689794Photograph Available HEATHER-NO A   F   2 Years   12.80 LBS   WHITE   WEST HIGHLAND MIX   ANAHEIM 8/2/2020   No Appointments Available for this Pet  
A1689682Photograph Available NO APPOINTME   M   5 Years   120.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE   GREAT DANE   CYPRESS 8/1/2020   No Appointments Available for this Pet  
A1689116Photograph Available BENTLEY   N   10 Years   10.00 LBS   TAN   CHIHUAHUA SH   ANAHEIM 7/27/2020    
A1689078Photograph Available HIRO   N   2 Years   66.50 LBS   SABLE BLACK   PIT BULL GERM SHEPHERD   HUNTINGTON BCH 7/26/2020    
A1689020Photograph Available SPENCER   N   5 Years   71.10 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   TUSTIN 7/25/2020    
A1688679Photograph Available OZZIE   N   5 Years   67.50 LBS   GRAY WHITE   PIT BULL CHINESE SHARPEI   SANTA ANA 7/22/2020    
A1688659Photograph Available GILROY   N   3 Years   67.30 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 7/22/2020    
A1688379Photograph Available DIESEL   M   2 Years   58.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL LABRADOR RETR   ANAHEIM 7/20/2020    
A1688245Photograph Available LILIANA   F   3 Years   42.00 LBS   BLONDE   CHINESE SHARPEI MIX   SANTA ANA 7/18/2020    
A1687523Photograph Available RED   M   3 Years   74.60 LBS   RED WHITE   PIT BULL   FOUNTAIN VALLEY 7/12/2020    
A1687410Photograph Available CHEVY   N   1 Year 1 Month   50.00 LBS   WHITE   PIT BULL   FOUNTAIN VALLEY 7/11/2020    
A1687304Photograph Available BO   M   2 Years   39.00 LBS   TAN WHITE   BULL TERRIER MIX   SANTA ANA 7/9/2020    
A1686767Photograph Available JORDY   F   9 Years   115.00 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ORANGE 7/5/2020    
A1686673Photograph Available GARTH   M   3 Years   71.00 LBS   RED WHITE   LABRADOR RETR ROTTWEILER   SANTA ANA 7/6/2020    
A1686596Photograph Available ASTRID   F   10 Years   57.00 LBS   RED WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 7/2/2020    
A1686405Photograph Available WINSTON-NO A   N   2 Years   45.00 LBS   FAWN BLACK   CHINESE SHARPEI   ANAHEIM 7/1/2020   No Appointments Available for this Pet  
A1685386Photograph Available HAWKEYE   N   3 Years   70.60 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   ORANGE 6/21/2020    
A1685315Photograph Available BANDIT   M   2 Years   62.40 LBS   CHOCOLATE WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA 6/21/2020    
A1684497Photograph Available GEORGIE   N   7 Years   54.00 LBS   WHITE BROWN   PIT BULL MIX   ANAHEIM 6/15/2020    
A1684329Photograph Available SUZIE   S   6 Years   86.00 LBS   BLACK WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ANAHEIM 6/13/2020    
A1684328Photograph Available ZUES   N   6 Years   102.30 LBS   RED WHITE   SIBERIAN HUSKY   ANAHEIM 6/13/2020    
A1684054Photograph Available MILU   S   2 Years   42.50 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 6/10/2020    
A1684045Photograph Available LUCY   F   2 Years   51.00 LBS   CHOCOLATE WHITE   PIT BULL LABRADOR RETR   SANTA ANA 6/10/2020    
A1682673Photograph Available PANCAKE   M   4 Years   75.00 LBS   BLACK BR BRINDLE   ROTTWEILER DOBERMAN PINSCH   TUSTIN 5/27/2020    
A1682573Photograph Available ALLIE   S   2 Years   63.00 LBS   RED WHITE   PIT BULL   TUSTIN 5/26/2020    
A1680123Photograph Available BIGGY   M   4 Years   90.00 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PIT BULL   SAN JUAN CAP 5/4/2020    
A1679096Photograph Available JACK   N   5 Years   74.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA 4/27/2020    
A1677630Photograph Available JEWELS   S   2 Years   55.00 LBS   BL BRINDLE WHITE   AM PIT BULL TER MIX   ANAHEIM 6/6/2020    
A1675887Photograph Available LOGAN   N   3 Years   70.90 LBS   CHOCOLATE TAN   PIT BULL   TUSTIN 3/19/2020    
A1674980Photograph Available PAISLEY   S   3 Years   88.50 LBS   BLACK WHITE   PRESA CANARIO MIX   ANAHEIM 3/12/2020    
A1672948Photograph Available LECHE   M   2 Years   70.00 LBS   WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 3/2/2020    
A1672247Photograph Available ARIA   S   1 Year 6 Month   55.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 4/6/2020    
A1672000Photograph Available ODIN   N   3 Years   59.00 LBS   WHITE BLACK   PIT BULL   HUNTINGTON BCH 2/26/2020    
A1671085Photograph Available AIDEN   N   4 Years   92.40 LBS   WHITE   GERM SHEPHERD   ANAHEIM 3/7/2020    
A1667432Photograph Available EDDY   N   1 Year 5 Months   51.30 LBS   GRAY WHITE   PIT BULL   FULLERTON 8/9/2020    
A1665784Photograph Available APOLLO   N   2 Years   71.00 LBS   BLK SMOKE WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 1/14/2020    
A1661585Photograph Available RUSTY   N   10 Years   70.00 LBS   RED WHITE   LABRADOR RETR MIX   SANTA ANA 3/14/2020    
A1659170Photograph Available SHADAE   N   2 Years   67.80 LBS   BLACK WHITE   AM PIT BULL TER   FOUNTAIN VALLEY 11/17/2019    
A1653757Photograph Available SIMON   N   6 Years   74.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   BULL TERRIER PIT BULL   BUENA PARK 3/1/2020    
A1652370Photograph Available BO BO   N   8 Years   78.00 LBS   FAWN WHITE   PIT BULL   LA HABRA 9/25/2019    
A1650598Photograph Available CAROL   S   2 Years   70.00 LBS   GRAY WHITE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA 7/15/2020    
A1647897Photograph Available FRENCHIE   N   6 Years   59.40 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   BOXER PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 7/6/2020    
A1645816Photograph Available TOBIAS   N   3 Years   70.60 LBS   WHITE BLACK   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA 8/9/2019    
A1642702Photograph Available BELLA   S   9 Years   78.00 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL   TUSTIN 5/12/2020    
A1641220Photograph Available TARRA   S   4 Years   62.30 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   PIT BULL   FULLERTON 7/11/2019    
A1638902Photograph Available BLUE   N   2 Years   73.00 LBS   BLK/TAN   ROTTWEILER MIX   LAKE FOREST 2/14/2020    
A1637345Photograph Available PERRY   S   5 Years   68.80 LBS   BLUE   PIT BULL   SANTA ANA 8/17/2019    
A1631527Photograph Available GRANT   N   5 Years   80.00 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   FULLERTON 5/25/2020    
A1613674Photograph Available MONEY   N   7 Years   85.00 LBS   BLUE WHITE   PIT BULL   IRVINE 8/28/2019    
A1610569Photograph Available TOBY   N   1 Year 7 Months   74.00 LBS   SABLE WHITE   BELG MALINOIS MIX   TUSTIN 6/27/2020    
A1379204Photograph Available PRINCE   N   5 Years   64.00 LBS   FAWN WHITE   PIT BULL MIX   ANAHEIM 11/8/2019    
A1241845Photograph Available KINGSTON   N   7 Years   68.00 LBS   BLACK TAN   ROTTWEILER   TUSTIN 7/13/2020    
A1204782Photograph Available CHLOE   S   8 Years   92.50 LBS   BR BRINDLE WHITE   MASTIFF MIX   ANAHEIM 4/5/2020    
A1113029Photograph Available ELEANOR   S   10 Years   6.30 LBS   TAN WHITE   PIT BULL   ANAHEIM 7/7/2020    
A0940831Photograph Available EDGAR   N   11 Years   53.00 LBS   CHOCOLATE   LABRADOR RETR   PLACENTIA 8/7/2020    
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California law requires that all adopted dogs and cats be spayed or neutered before leaving our Animal Care Center. The animals featured on our web page are available for adoption on first come first served basis, with the exception of rare or unique animals, which may be subject to a drawing for the opportunity to adopt. We do not guarantee that animals seen on our web page will be available to adopt when you arrive at the Care Center. OC Animal Care does not reserve animals for adoption by telephone or e-mail. You must come to the Center to adopt an animal and refer to the animal's Pet Identification number when inquiring about a particular pet.

We at OC Animal Care love all breeds of dog.  We understand that visitors may search for a lost dog or forever pet based on appearance or a "looks like" breed.  Any description of dogs with respect to breed is solely based on visual appearance. The actual breed of any dog may be different than its “looks like” designation.  OC Animal Care makes neither a guarantee nor representation as to the true breed of the Dog nor any connection between the described breed and the Dog’s temperament.


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