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ID Name Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Jurisdiction Intake Date
A1610013Photograph Available ROMI   S   10 Years   12.5 LBS   TORTIE   DOMESTIC SH   HUNTINGTON BCH 1/24/2019  
A1610293Photograph Available OLLIE   S   11 Years   13.5 LBS   BRN TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   SAN JUAN CAP 1/2/2019  
A1613578Photograph Available JANIS   S   12 Years   7.0 LBS   GRAY TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   ANAHEIM 1/22/2019  
A1613835Photograph Available MOTO   S   8 Years   9.0 LBS   SLVR TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   ANAHEIM 1/31/2019  
A1613836Photograph Available LUCY   S   4 Years   8.4 LBS   BRN TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   ANAHEIM 1/31/2019  
A1614258Photograph Available LAYLA   S   2 Years   7.0 LBS   CALICO   DOMESTIC SH   SANTA ANA 2/11/2019  
A1614560Photograph Available PRISCILLA   F   5 Years   7.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   ORANGE 1/29/2019  
A1614745Photograph Available HARRISON   F   8 Years   7.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   FULLERTON 1/30/2019  
A1614746Photograph Available LILY   F   3 Years   9.0 LBS   GRAY   DOMESTIC SH   FULLERTON 1/30/2019  
A1614747Photograph Available LILA   M   8 Years   9.4 LBS   ORG TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   FULLERTON 1/30/2019  
A1614748Photograph Available TWINKLES   S   7 Years   6.4 LBS   BLUE CREAM WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   FULLERTON 1/30/2019  
A1615148Photograph Available INDIE   M   4 Years   9.6 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   ANAHEIM 2/1/2019  
A1615775Photograph Available PANTHER   M   2 Years   8.4 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   HUNTINGTON BCH 2/7/2019  
A1615782Photograph Available ZOEY   F   4 Years   9.4 LBS   CALICO   DOMESTIC SH   PLACENTIA 2/7/2019  
A1615816Photograph Available MARCELLA   F   7 Years   5.7 LBS   TORTIE   DOMESTIC SH   FULLERTON 2/7/2019  
A1616136Photograph Available LILLY   F   9 Years   9.6 LBS   TORTIE   DOMESTIC SH   PLACENTIA 2/11/2019  
A1616146Photograph Available MARTY   M   1 Year   6.8 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   ANAHEIM 2/11/2019  
A1616158Photograph Available DOUG   M   10 Months   8.5 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   SANTA ANA 2/11/2019  
A1616999Photograph Available OLIVIA   S   5 Years   11.9 LBS   CALICO   DOMESTIC SH   CYPRESS 2/13/2019  
A1601302Photograph Available MIDNIGHT   S   6 Years   13.4 LBS   TORTIE   DOMESTIC SH   FOUNTAIN VALLEY 2/15/2019  
A1602402Photograph Available NEWTON   N   10 Years   10.7 LBS   WHITE ORANGE   DOMESTIC SH   HUNTINGTON BCH 10/27/2018  
A1602630Photograph Available BOB   N   4 Month   3.1 LBS   ORG TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   FOUNTAIN VALLEY 2/14/2019  
A1615036Photograph Available MONET   S   1 Year 1 Month   6.9 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC MH   TUSTIN CO 1/31/2019  
A1606249Photograph Available DILL   N   1 Year 3 Month   8.5 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC LH   HUNTINGTON BCH 2/8/2019  
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California law requires that all adopted dogs and cats be spayed or neutered before leaving our Animal Care Center. The animals featured on our web page are available for adoption on first come first served basis, with the exception of rare or unique animals, which may be subject to a drawing for the opportunity to adopt. We do not guarantee that animals seen on our web page will be available to adopt when you arrive at the Care Center. OC Animal Care does not reserve animals for adoption by telephone or e-mail. You must come to the Center to adopt an animal and refer to the animal's Pet Identification number when inquiring about a particular pet.

We at OC Animal Care love all breeds of dog.  We understand that visitors may search for a lost dog or forever pet based on appearance or a "looks like" breed.  Any description of dogs with respect to breed is solely based on visual appearance. The actual breed of any dog may be different than its “looks like” designation.  OC Animal Care makes neither a guarantee nor representation as to the true breed of the Dog nor any connection between the described breed and the Dog’s temperament.


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