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ID Name Sex Age Weight Color Breed Intake Date
A1518360Photograph Available CHEWY   N   7 Years   16.1 LBS   BRN TABBY   DOMESTIC LH   5/2/2017  
A1519625Photograph Available MONIQUE   F   2 Years   7.5 LBS   TORTIE   DOMESTIC LH   5/10/2017  
A1522157Photograph Available SHADOW   N   5 Years   10.0 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC MH   5/23/2017  
A1520278Photograph Available ARMANI   M   2 Years   10.1 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC MH   5/14/2017  
A1516897Photograph Available MAUI   M   2 Months   2.4 LBS   ORG TABBY   DOMESTIC MH   5/23/2017  
A1516900Photograph Available TAMATOA   F   2 Months   1.8 LBS   BLK TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC MH   5/23/2017  
A1513312Photograph Available COOKIE   S   1 Year 1 Month   7.0 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC MH   5/6/2017  
A1515412Photograph Available BEATRICE   F   2 Months   2.0 LBS   GRAY WHITE   DOMESTIC MH   5/21/2017  
A1515415Photograph Available MADELINE   S   1 Year 1 Month   7.4 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   4/15/2017  
A1515555Photograph Available RO   N   5 Years   11.9 LBS   WHITE BROWN   DOMESTIC SH   4/17/2017  
A1516199Photograph Available MICHIGAN   M   2 Months   2.2 LBS   BLK TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1516200Photograph Available OREGON   M   2 Months   2.2 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1516201Photograph Available OKLAHOMA   M   2 Months   2.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1516278Photograph Available LAYLA   S   3 Years   10.2 LBS   BRN TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   4/21/2017  
A1516802Photograph Available BAILEY   N   11 Years   10.1 LBS   BRN TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   4/22/2017  
A1514746Photograph Available ANGELICA   S   5 Years   10.0 LBS   TORTIE   DOMESTIC SH   4/10/2017  
A1514775Photograph Available RIVER   M   4 Years   8.4 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   4/10/2017  
A1515048Photograph Available JESSIE   S   2 Years   8.0 LBS   BRN TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   4/13/2017  
A1515181Photograph Available ALEXA   F   2 Months   2.4 LBS   BRN TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1515182Photograph Available ALY   F   2 Months   2.3 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1515183Photograph Available ANDREA   F   2 Months   2.2 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1515184Photograph Available DESTINY   F   2 Months   2.1 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1515185Photograph Available ALDEAN   M   2 Months   2.1 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/24/2017  
A1517016Photograph Available THUNDER   N   6 Years   17.6 LBS   WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   4/24/2017  
A1517569Photograph Available PRINCESSA   F   1 Year   4.3 LBS   ORG TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   4/26/2017  
A1517617Photograph Available BUFFY   S   13 Years   12.0 LBS   TORBIE   DOMESTIC SH   4/26/2017  
A1517814Photograph Available BLACKBERRY   F   3 Years   9.1 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   4/28/2017  
A1518561Photograph Available ALBERT   N   5 Years   12.0 LBS   GRAY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/3/2017  
A1518865Photograph Available KENNY   M   2 Years   9.0 LBS   BRN TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   5/4/2017  
A1493505Photograph Available PEARL   S   3 Years   8.2 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   4/12/2017  
A1511276Photograph Available BASIL   S   2 Years   9.0 LBS   BRN TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/21/2017  
A1519206Photograph Available MIRANDA   S   2 Years   7.4 LBS   WHITE BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/7/2017  
A1519358Photograph Available SPARKY   M   2 Months   3.0 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/8/2017  
A1519923Photograph Available OREO   M   2 Months   2.5 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/20/2017  
A1520040Photograph Available JARED   M   4 Years   12.1 LBS   BRN TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/12/2017  
A1520069Photograph Available PEPPER   F   3 Months   1.7 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/12/2017  
A1520146Photograph Available ARTIC   M   2 Years   8.0 LBS   WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/13/2017  
A1520174Photograph Available RYKER   M   2 Years   10.1 LBS   GRAY TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   5/13/2017  
A1520185Photograph Available ELLEN   S   2 Years   13.0 LBS   GRAY TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/13/2017  
A1520207Photograph Available ARIEL   F   2 Years   5.7 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/13/2017  
A1520884Photograph Available ANTONIA   F   1 Year   7.0 LBS   GRAY TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   5/16/2017  
A1520893Photograph Available JUNIPER   M   10 Months   6.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/16/2017  
A1520896Photograph Available HOPE   F   2 Years   8.1 LBS   WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/16/2017  
A1520919Photograph Available JACOB   M   1 Year   9.2 LBS   ORG TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/16/2017  
A1520989Photograph Available LEVI   M   3 Months   3.4 LBS   BRN TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   5/16/2017  
A1521377Photograph Available LILY   F   1 Year   7.6 LBS   BRN TABBY   DOMESTIC SH   5/17/2017  
A1521501Photograph Available RIPLEY   F   1 Year     TORTIE   DOMESTIC SH   5/17/2017  
A1521542Photograph Available JASMYNN   F   1 Year   10.8 LBS   BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/18/2017  
A1521804Photograph Available MEEKERS   S   1 Year 6 Months     GRAY   DOMESTIC SH   5/20/2017  
A1521907Photograph Available ABBY   F   4 Months   3.4 LBS   BLK TABBY WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/20/2017  
A1521908Photograph Available NORMA   F   4 Months   3.4 LBS   TORBIE WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/20/2017  
A1521992Photograph Available BUDDY   N   2 Years   11.4 LBS   BLACK BLACK   DOMESTIC SH   5/21/2017  
A1519616Photograph Available SUMMER   S   2 Years   9.2 LBS   WHITE   DOMESTIC SH   5/10/2017  
A1519627Photograph Available DUSTY   N   8 Years   13.0 LBS   BLK SMOKE   MAINE COON   5/10/2017  
A1519067Photograph Available BK KITTY   S   10 Years   10.2 LBS   BLACK WHITE   MAINE COON MIX   5/6/2017  
A1519467Photograph Available SASHA   S   1 Year   8.6 LBS   SEAL PT   SIAMESE   5/20/2017  
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California law requires that all adopted dogs and cats be spayed or neutered before leaving our Animal Care Center. The animals featured on our web page are available for adoption on first come first served basis, with the exception of rare or unique animals, which may be subject to a drawing for the opportunity to adopt. We do not guarantee that animals seen on our web page will be available to adopt when you arrive at the Care Center. OC Animal Care does not reserve animals for adoption by telephone or e-mail. You must come to the Center to adopt an animal and refer to the animal's Pet Identification number when inquiring about a particular pet.


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